Digitally Awesome customer appraisal

Digitally Awesome customer appraisal

Xtreme Enduro is a company I started in 2014. Back then I didn’t give a lot of thought to digital marketing. I operate in Thailand just outside of Pattaya City, at that time – and especially in this area – just about all advertising was done through Agents as Pattaya is a huge tourist destination. My tours were doing ok, I had a steady flow of customers supplied by many different agents, but costs were high, agents were marking up prices in some cases as high as 40% making my tours costly for the customer. On top of that were the costs of physical advertising, billboards were in constant need of maintenance and replacement. A huge percentage of my profits were going into these endeavours and I thought there has to be a better way. I had a simple website telling customers about our tours but it didn’t bring in any revenue. It seemed that my hands were tied and at the mercy of the agents. I did a quick search on the internet and quickly found Digitally Awsome’s website. Their site was amazing and easy to read. It was so simple to navigate, mine in comparison was cluttered and cumbersome. Looking at their site made me realize that I needed to upgrade. They offered a free consultation so I set up a meeting with them. 

In that meeting, they explained their 4 main areas of website services, which were, 

  • Simplifying
  • Text expansion
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Proofreading

Oliver met me the next day and we both went over my site, I was a little embarrassed but he just emphasized the positive points and explained areas where improvements could be made. He showed me examples of sites they had created over the years and pointed out the similarities such as branding coherence, clean image, simplicity, and visibility. It wasn’t hard to see that they knew their stuff. 

At that point, the thought of another bill to pay didn’t excite me and I knew that their services would not come free but after seeing the gains of other clients they worked with I changed my mind, a few days later I gave them a call and took the plunge. A short time later they had some initial material for me. They had gone through all my text and totally rewritten it with clear concise terminology. The difference was staggering. So easy to read and professional sounding. It also included so much more detail and emphasized important key selling points. 

After reading it I wanted to take a tour myself. My mind was made up and I decided to go the whole hog giving Digitally Awesome free range over my entire site. 

Once my redesigned site went live the emails started coming in, slowly at first but week after week that dramatically increased. I had to employ staff to take care of customer inquiries alone. But it was worth it, a high proportion of those inquiries turned into actual sales. This was due to their affiliated marketing of my site. Only customers looking for my type of excursions were targeted instead of a wide spectrum blanket campaign. After that my business took off and I never looked back. My site was appearing all over the web, people were commenting on my tours and giving ratings which all helped with visibility and traffic coming to my site. I’m still working with Digitally Awesome to this day. Their support team supplies me with constant updates and performance reports which clearly indicate that my money was well spent. 

Digitally Awesome has created a pathway for the success of my business, I’m positive that without their expertise I wouldn’t be in the strong position I am in today. 

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