Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tour?

Just send us an email at with your details or you can click on the “Book Now” button or just call (+66) 9 1809 4138

How do I get there?

That’s easy, we organize transport for you. Pick up and drop off is included in the price.

Our GPS location is: GOOGLE MAPS: 12°55’12.0N 100°57’31.7E

What experience is necessary?

None really. If need be we will coach you on how to ride so you get the most out of your tour..

Do I need to bring anything?

You do not need to bring anything along with you to our tour as absolutely everything is supplied for you. The only thing you need to bring is your energy!!

Do I need a Thai license?

No you don’t need a licence to take out tours.

Track & trail options?

Once our guides have measured your riding skill level, they will make sure you go on the tracks and trails that best suit you, with a few challenges thrown in to maximize your fun..

Is food and drinks supplied?

Of course! As we said, EVERYTHING is included in your tour package!

What bikes are available?

We have CRF250L’s that have been completely modified to suit the terrain that we ride over and to maximize the fun that you can have..

How difficult are the trails?

The riding difficulty and the routes we take will be tailor made to your skill level according to our assessment of your skill level. Please assist us with the initial process by informing us of your skill level when booking online. How we rate rider skill levels.

When is the best time to ride Enduro in Pattaya Thailand?

All year round is an awesome time to ride with XTREME ENDURO as we are located on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand which is well known to have the best weather with minimal dramatic fluctuations in all of Thailand. June, July and August is a fantastic time to ride as there are scattered showers, plenty of sunshine and it is tourist low season so you will receive extra VIP treatment everywhere you go. Rainy Season seems to be coming later these days,with September, October and November being the wettest months and an absolutely awesome time to ride (my favourite) where the countryside is lush, creek crossings galore and the waterfalls are flowing. December through to March is tourist high season with perfect cool dry sunny holiday conditions. April and May is hot hot hot but is still seriously fun fun fun and excellent for fitness!

Do You have personal accident insurance?

Customers participate in our tour at their own risk and no accident insurance is offered by Xtreme Enduro Company Limited. Customers are required to sign a liability disclaimer prior to starting the tour. We recommend that all participants have there own personal holiday insurance in the very rare case that they may get injured during an Xtreme Enduro Pattaya tour.

Do you provide an extra option for video or photo service?

Yes we have an option where you can rent the world’s most versatile video camera the GoPro action cam and take home the 16 GB SD card with its amazing high definition video and photo footage for only 1000 THB!

Can we pay the tour balance via credit card instead of cash?

Sorry but currently we accept only cash onsite. We do not have a credit card machine.