Adventure Motorcycle Tours Pattaya-Thailand

Our sister operation Motorbike Madness Pattaya is THE Home of THE Most Incomparable and Epic Big Bike Motorcycle Tours in Thailand!

We make it possible for you to blaze a trail of unparalleled glory from the far corners and niches of Thailand to its lava-hot central regions, all the while travelling through seemingly endless coastal wonderlands, through dense and magical rainforests, and through urban, rural, and protected natural areas alike.

Short on time, just here for a quick business trip? No worries, our Pattaya Adventure Motorcycle Headquarters can set you up in a heartbeat with a quick day tour or weekend ride out.  Start your day or two off with an all-in, ‘see ya in a wee while’ quickie tour of selected awesome areas and sights. Ride hard or easy with routes and distances tailor-made to your riding abilities and desires. Our renowned excellent organisation allows you to arrive at the chosen hotel promptly and safely. Perhaps enjoy some sundowner beers and reminisce about the heavenly roads and sights the Land of Smiles has to offer. 

One of the key ingredients of our Secret Sauce is the hard-won jewels of wisdom about the local roads and people which our technically expert and ever-entertaining and helpful staff have accumulated and constantly integrated into every tour we offer. This is why our Pattaya Big Bike Tours, long or short, are considered by those in the know to be The Very Best Thailand has to offer.

It seems ages ago now that our core group of Enduro maniacs gathered in 2008, around the idea of offering unbeatable and infinitely enjoyable Enduro tours on Thailand’s absolutely kaleidoscopic terrain with Enduro Madness. Since then we’ve always expanded, deepened and broadened the possibilities and options within the eye-glistening and awe-inspiring opportunities we offer to our totally multinational and completely diverse clientele. Most of our Enduro customers also enjoy Adventure Motorcycle riding so it was a natural progression to open Motorbike Madness – Big Motorcycle Tours Thailand. Now we have the best of both worlds where our Enduro Maniacs and our Road warrior customers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

All of our staff share a love of exploring the far reaches and limits of roads of all kinds, and we all revel in the unlooked-for eureka moments and hilarious happenstances that arise with predictable frequency on road trips. This shared and immense love of all things good that come from simply rolling down the road, in style no less, enables Motorbike Madness Pattaya to provide you with easily accessible riding experiences of just about unthinkable quality and enjoyment.

An Ace card we hold which many contenders in our chosen niche do not hold is the close and enduring relationships of trust we’ve built with local leaders, chiefs, and officials, which have taken years of careful, respectful cultivation to develop. These exclusive connections with local people of importance and sway allow us to gather the permissions, access, and other special arrangements we need to put together the unrepeatable touring configurations we provide for the discerning rider.

Because Motorbike Madness Pattaya has done all of its homework, through confirming good relations with the communities and jurisdictions we travel through, we can offer up these kinds of experiences on a regular basis to our discerning Adventure Motorcycle Rider clientele. It does not matter if you are in the far northern highlands, or in the coastal lowlands; wherever we guide you, you will be close to the first-hand experience of local Thai culture, custom and cuisine. One thing everyone learns soon enough when they visit Thailand is that Thailand and its people move to their own rhythm and time, and the easiest way to enjoy this extraordinary visit is to move in harmony with this rhythm and time.

For those with a love of views of the ocean and the smell of the salt air, we offer meandering coastline-hugging tours that offer picturesque vignettes of mist-clad islands and rocky shores along the eastern coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. While some of these roads are commonplace, we can go off-road or off-map at a moment’s notice, creatively knitting together the unique food, people, and vibes of each segment of the tour to put together singularly enjoyable jaunts through areas which travellers through the exact same areas will miss.

Our professional and gregarious staff is well-versed in all of the laws and customs of the roads in all the regions we travel through, and they ensure at all times a safe and thoroughly enjoyable journey. We are always aware of non-road variables such as problems caused by political unrest or extreme weather events. We ensure all of our tours are led and tailed by experienced guides who will ensure no one is lost or without protective guidance along the route.

Why Wait? Consult the Tour Page of our Motorbike Madness website, see the excellent prices and options and then simply decide which adventure best fits your individual needs. From solo day trips to multi-bike, multi-day excursions, Motorbike Madness Pattaya can provide you with the ride of your dreams.

Our well-maintained fleet of CB 500X’s and Suzuki V Strom 650s will make any journey possible for you while meeting all applicable legal and mechanical standards. Please also consult our website for upcoming package details and news of recent and future developments.

Motorbike Madness – We specialise in creating memories of a lifetime.