Xtreme Enduro Company Limited expects the participants to use the motorbikes and equipment provided in a responsible and normal manner. Riders will be made liable for any damage to the motorbikes or equipment due to accidents, falls and irresponsible driving behavior or disrespect of guide’s instructions and will pay the cost of repair or replacement. Participants will not be held responsible for technical damage not due to any accidents. Minor bumps are not charged.

During the tour, riders will travel on unpaved roads and tracks which are designed for off-road vehicles only and are very poorly maintained. There can be unexpected track damage such as sink holes, uneven terrain, fallen trees etc. as well as wild animals, undisciplined traffic. There are very few, if any, road signs so it is advised to keep a good lookout.

Xtreme Enduro Company Limited reserves the right to change any part of the tour package with a product of corresponding value any time and with no previous information to the participants. All cancellations must be given in writing no less than 5 days before the date of your tour, otherwise no refund will be given. This will be taken on a case by case scenario. All cancellations will incur a 10% fee, unless you change the date of your tour, in which case there will be no charge.

It is advised that all riders have sufficient health insurance coverage as accidents can occur. It is up to the participant to provide their own accident insurance and if necessary, inform their insurance company of their participation in this kind of activity. Each rider is expected to co-operate with the tour guides and, if necessary, help out other riders if required. Riders are expected to follow the traffic laws of the local area, and is personally responsible for his/hers way of driving. You must adapt your style of riding to the terrain and the group of riders you are in and you are responsible for your own safety and security.

Drink & driving is strictly forbidden. Any person or person’s found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be excluded from the tour and no refund given. Each rider is also forbidden to carry fire arms. To do so will mean exclusion from the tour with no refund given. If the guide finds that you are a danger to yourself, or other riders, we reserve the right to exclude you from the remainder of the tour. No refund will be given under these circumstances.