HUSQVARNA 300TE (2017)

This is our top Enduro Motorcycle Available. Exact same bike used by Graham Jarvis Extreme Enduro Champion!  There is no wiser choice for serious hard- and extreme-Enduro riders. Built to tackle extraordinary challenges, the 2017 model is completely new and boasts improved performance, reduced weight and smoother power across a wider rev range. Redesigned bodywork and chassis are thinner between the legs, slightly shorter front to back and less tall – keeping the centre of gravity low and centred. This makes movement easier in extreme situations. The new engine design has a laterally-mounted counter balancer shaft to significantly reduce vibrations and offers a smoother and more comfortable ride for even more hours in the saddle. WP’s new enduro-specific Xplor forks and shock will make tackling the roughest terrain much easier.

HUSQVARNA 250FC (2016)

The Husqvarna 250cc DOHC engine has been designed to perfectly match the new generation chassis. All internal components have been revised and repackaged in order to reposition the engine within the new chromoly steel frame, shifting the mass closer to the centre of gravity of the motorcycle. In combination with the shorter and lighter carbon fibre rear subframe, revised 4CS fork, new shock, new rear link and shorter exhaust, the FC 250 has enormously improved handling, manoeuvrability and performance compared to the previous generation. We have changed the rear sprocket for better handling in the bush as well as added Enduro bush busters and headlight. This bike rides like a dream!

KTM350EXC 6 DAYS 2016

The 350 EXC-F is “ready to race” and comes qualified to compete in the world’s largest enduro competition; the “International Six Days Enduro”. Six days in succession, over a thousand offroad kilometres, 40 hours in the saddle – a gruelling test, not only for the rider. An extreme package of high-quality special options makes the KTM 350 EXC-F fit for this ruthless contest.

This is the flagship at Xtreme, so if you are a dirt bike enthusiast that wants to feel what’s like to ride this ultimate machine, this is your chance! Even if you are a KTM owner and would like to ride in some of the most exhilarating trails in Thailand, then we at extreme are happy to see you make the dream a reality!


Our Kawasaki KLX 150 is far form a standard bike. In terms of size, if your legs are not as long as others this bike is the one for you. It is lower to ground but high in performance and has no trouble at all to keep up with its bigger brothers in Xtreme. It has been modified to a high compression 180 cc and has stage two cams, bigger carburettor, full racing exhaust system , re-mapped edu and a stronger clutch. It has also been fitted with a bash plate and hand guards.


All of our Honda 250 CRF-L bikes are totally modified to suit any and all terrain that the Thailand jungle has to offer. All of our bikes have FULL top of the line Ohlins Suspension front and back, which will give you the smoothest and safest rides over any terrain!! We have increased the strength of the bike by adding bash plates and fitting twin wall handlebars with hand guards so you will feel safe and secure on your ride with us at Xtreme Enduro Pattaya Tours! The rear sprocket has been increased in size and the ECU has been re-mapped along with the akrapovic exhaust system for a wider range of power and torque. This the bike will go up any hill from a walking pace to what ever speed you desire.
At Xtreme Enduro Pattaya Tours we not only take you on the most exciting and scenic Enduro Pattaya tours in Thailand, but we do it on the best bikes in town!