The quality of our tours is only matched by the quality of our equipment. From the ground up we have the best high-quality imported dedicated off-road clothing, and ATVs. No other ATV tour on Thailand’s eastern seaboard comes close to this level of commitment to detail and international standards. With world-renowned brand names such as America’s own Polaris in the form of 350cc and 570cc ATVs. And the formidable CF Moto range of quads and All-terrain vehicles. New to our range is the highly versatile 660cc Monster Buggys. This fun-packed forgiving addition brings the sport in reach of just about everyone.

Our fully facilitated ATV and buggy base camp is ideally located at the foothills of our very own professionally designed trails and tracks, and a short ride – provided free of charge in our very own luxury airconditioned minivans – from your hotel in Pattaya or its neighbouring seaside villages. Our professionally guided tours will leave a lasting impact on all who experience them. We’ve painstakingly redesigned our trails for over a decade, constantly adding new exhilarating elements and upgrading existing ones. The result is an epic once-in-a-lifetime off-road adventure you’ll never forget. Stunning nature as only Thailand knows how. You’ll experience tropical life-filled jungle trails teeming with exotic birds, monkeys, monitor lizards, and a whole array of never-before-seen creatures. Hone your skills through creeks, mountain passes, and steep rocky trails with muddy bogs and waterlogged obstacles. The going gets hard and dirty but one hell of a lot of fun. Your reward is waiting for you in the form of a hidden sun-drenched tropical waterfall far from everyday tourists.  

Pineapple and tea tree plantations are but a few of the variety of agricultural farmlands our tracks twist and wind around. Say Sawadee to the local farmers and villagers guiding their Water Buffalo to new pastures. Discover hard to find traditional golden temples and the Monks that maintain them. The scenery is breathtaking from the low lands to the peaks of Pattaya’s rarely seen heights from which the entire Eastern Seaboard with its golden sandy beaches, tropical unexplored islands, and the exciting city can be taken in during your adventure of a lifetime. 

You won’t find these sites in any guidebook!!

The wetter the better!!

On occasion, Thailand experiences some heavy rain during the monsoon season. You might think during these times we close our operation but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Our tracks and trails come to life after a period of heavy rain. Puddles become water-logged obstacles to overcome. Gentle streams become raging torrents and waterfalls are overflowing. Your buggy or ATV will turn into a heart-pounding rollercoaster of a thrill ride as you navigate your way along seamlessly endless high octane adrenaline-fueled trails.

Inexperienced rider?

No worries!We run specific tours to suit all kinds of riders. If in your case you’ve had very little or even no experience riding ATVs or buggies there’s no need to worry. Our fleet of the world’s best off-road vehicles all come with automatic gearboxes as standard, which means that they are very easy to drive. With only a short orientation and a few practice laps around our custom-built base track, you’ll be ready for a 27km all-terrain thrill ride of your life. Regardless of your age or experience, this tour is for you!

Trailblazers, we have you covered with our advanced tours. 

Our advanced tour takes riders of intermediate to highly experienced riders to a whole other level. The riding skills you possess will be challenged like never before with a huge variety of track and terrain along with a 34km turbo-charged romp through Pattya’s outback. For those who need a more personalized guided tour, we offer both the Beginner and Advanced tour as a VIP private party package. This is perfect for company team building, families, and groups of any size.

Packing these extraordinary off-road tours into a 3 hour time period is quite a challenge, but during your time we’ll get you kitted up and ready to go on our base training course, and on your return, our restaurant staff will have a sumptuous feast prepared for all our ravenous guests.

Base training track and facilities. 

Our base camp is a sight to see in itself. Situated in rural village surroundings and near the famous Mapachan Lake, our camp is perfectly situated for access to all our off-road tracks and trails. Awaiting all our guests is an impressive fleet of the world’s best off-road vehicles and our very own professionally designed training course. This track provides our guests with an initial experience of some of the terrain they will be challenged with during their tour with us and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Your safety is our highest consideration, for this reason, our tours always start with a briefing by one of our highly trained and skilled ATV guides. You’ll be given all the necessary safety information and driving tuition to prepare you for the trails ahead.

We have a full range of facilities including toilets, hot showers with complimentary towels, and our changing rooms provide secure lockers for your belongings. Your special day with us ends with a hearty meal to boost your energy levels. Our legendary beef, chicken, and veggie burgers are a sight to behold with generous sides of fries, fruit salad platters, and all the soft drinks you need.

With over a decade of successful adventures, ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA delivers an internationally respected off-road tour you can trust.

Thailand hasn’t always been known for its world-class attractions, but that is all changing and ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA is forging the path ahead with a tour that competes with the very best. From our world-beating fleet of dedicated off-road vehicles to our professional mechanics, guides, and base camp representatives. Our mission is to provide our guests with a first-class experience from start to finish. Our proficient English-speaking team of highly trained staff will be at your service to ensure your experience with us is one you will treasure. No matter your age or experience our set tour options and custom adventures will accommodate all from couples looking for a romantic adventure, to companies utilizing the challenge as a teambuilding exercise. Our constantly upgraded and improved tracks and trails offer our customers new levels of quality at international standards, combined with our door-to-door customer VIP commitment, your time with us ends only at the entrance to your hotel.